My relationship jealousy as an example

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I am jealous of other men whom she talks about as “such great people" and she barely knows them except in one context

  • She doesn’t know them and is willing to give them so much credit, yet she doesn’t give me credit.

Neuroinflammation as a possible link between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and pain

  • Free full article!
  • Managing inflammation to manage ADHD
  • Managing inflammation by exercising and eating better (to start)

I fear change AND deny that I fear it

Try to remember everything by holding it all in their heads

  • Try to remember all ideas, remember all responsibilities, remember important dates, remember social norms and cues
  • Do not rely on others
  • Get overwhelmed and they remember nothing
  • Don’t think ahead of the social consequences
  • Are embarrassed and ashamed about it. They develop…

You still might be a narcissist

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I thought narcissists were proud of being the way they are

Then why would a narcissist doubt himself?

There is an interesting correlation between “life satisfaction” and “narcissism”:

Matthew MacLennan

A recovering narcissist. I want to see your eyes and face your questions. — SSS Fin

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